Mama 40 Den Maternity Tights for Pregnancy




Mama 40 Den Maternity Tights by Fiore are designed for expecting moms.

Maternity tights ensure comfort and optimal fit for pregnant silhouette. Supportive pregnancy tights which maintain tummy and at the same time, reduce the strain on the spinal column, giving a relief and stability in this very important moment of the future mothers lives.
As a result of Silver Fresh Technology application, woman’s skin stays fresh and dry, and the problem of bacterial and fungal growth is kept under control.

Available in many skin tone natural and tan shades and dark shades like grey and black.

Fibre content: 79% Polyamide, 19% Elastane, 2% Cotton.

Made in Poland

Brand: Fiore

Shipping – $9 Flat Rate for any quantity ordered


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