Cecilia de Rafael Vidrio Crotchless Tights XXL


Shiny tights by Cecilia de Rafael have a beautiful gloss to them. 15 denier sheer luxury hosiery with a satin touch effect. Crotchless.



Cecilia de Rafael brand makes these sheer Vidrio crotchless tights that are fun for intimate play. They are very glossy. Fully boarded, 15 den, transparent and shiny.


Black (says “negro” on the package)

Ecri cream shade (says “capri” on the package)

Dark navy blue (says “marino” on the package)

Graphite, very dark grey (says “fume” on the package)

Composition Polyamide 88%, Elastane 12%

Made in Italy

Brand: Cecilia de Rafael

Shipping – $9 Flat Rate for any quantity ordered.  We ship to Canada, United States, and internationally too.


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