#1 Pantyhose Pet Peeve – Sagging

These are photos from some Russian concert with promo girls in short outfits dancing to the music.  Most likely the weather was so cold that they needed to keep their jackets on and wear pantyhose so they don’t freeze.

But do you notice that one of the girls (the one in the orange red jacket) is having problems with her pantyhose falling below her skirt?  Uncomfortable and embarrassing.

The blondie model was smarter, she put on control top pantyhose that usually stays up better.  However her hemline failed to cover the lines, thus taking away from her glamorous look.

The best way to avoid two of the above scenarios is to get quality grands that are sheer to waist and elastic.  If it is design right and has a proper fit and waistband, it should not sag or drop like that.

Russian party girls in pantyhose 2

Russian party girls in pantyhose 3 Russian party girls in pantyhose 4 Russian party girls in pantyhose

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6 thoughts on “#1 Pantyhose Pet Peeve – Sagging

  1. Oh man, that is awful! Both girls appear to have control tops. Blondie just fails because she should be wearing sheer to waist, while the other is definitely resulting from either incorrect sizing or simply cheap hosiery. ‘Crotch sag’ is quite annoying and rather uncomfortable… I wonder if she did the act of hiking up her ‘hose at any point or just continued on with such faux pas!

  2. I wonder if there is a high-elastic/control-top hose with a French-cut panty, so the girl in the blonde doesn’t have to worry about the pantyline falling below the hem. The other girl just has a bad pair of hose, whether it’s constructed wrongly or wrong size.

  3. The girls seem unaware of their badly worn pantyhoses. That is very surprising to me. There is nothing more uncomfortable than badly fit pantyhose like those sagging hoses to the left iin the pictures.
    I always wear my pantyhoses under my panties just to avoid this problem with crotch sagging pantyhose.

    • I think that in this case that pantyhose is sagging. Simply because only one has that problem, the other ones don’t. But they all have the same kind of dresses.

  4. I believe it is a combination of too short dresses and sagging pantyhoses. The woman to the left do have sagging pantyhose. The woman Brian call Blondie should have worn sheer to waist or a bit longer dress.

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