Pantyhose Party

izyda graphite pantyhose fiore

My legs in Izyda pantyhose today!

As the holiday season is approaching, I had more and more of my female friends ask me for fancy pantyhose.  So some girlfriends of mine asked me to put together a pantyhose party event since I’ve got some stock on hand.

Some of them were so eager to try on what they purchased that they put it on in front of their friends.  No men were around, so we had a blast running around in pantyhose and comparing patterns.  Isn’t it amazing to see people so excited about tights?

I decided we’ll do a fun get together like that on monthly basis with all the ladies I know.


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3 thoughts on “Pantyhose Party

  1. You should host a pantyhose party we all can attend and sell tickets. Rent a ball room and have your girlfriends model your line of nylons in a fun fashion show. I have DJ equipment and some DJ skills. Sell nylons to your guest and then dance the night away. What do you think?

  2. That is an awesome suggestion to host a Pantyhose Party!!!!!!! A planned party in the spring of 2014. I think this is a great I-dear. Please do invite men too!

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