4 thoughts on “Pantyhose on a Runway

  1. Well the only thing that looked good in those pictures were the models legs in nylon. I didn’t like those clothes and the models almost looks angry to me. I like when people looks happy in a picture. If a person likes what she is doing she is happy and then she looks happy. I can’t say that any of those models looks like they like what they are doing just because they don’t look happy.

    • I agree, their face is quite depressing.
      I also would never dress like that. I wonder what the point of these outfits is because nobody in their right mind would wear it.

  2. I like that they’re wearing tights, but I wish the fashion industry would cast aside this obsession with patterned tights. And just go with plainer, sheer hose. It looks better, anyway, and really, it’s ok. Maybe one of these days they’ll learn that. Agree with the above comment, these runway models always looked ticked off. Idk if they are trying to project power or what, but they could lose that.

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