Pantyhose Obsession and Fetish

black opaque pantyhose

f-e-t-i-s-h …  dangerous topic.  Yes, pantyhose obsession is not uncommon.  #1 obsession in the world is shoes.  #2 is pantyhose and stockings.

I had a lot of men telling me that they have a love for hosiery.  Why wouldn’t a man be attracted to such a feminine garment?  I think this is the most classiest kink out there.

Some have difficulty explaining to their partner about why they like it so much.  You can’t explain it, it’s just the way you are!  How can we possibly give rational explanations to our sexual preferences?  Some men tell me that they were attracted to pantyhose since the age of 4 or 5.

If a woman truly loves her man, of course she’d be dying to dress up in clothes that make him want her so badly!  If you think about it, who else would be more important to impress with your outfit than your own lover?  Wouldn’t you want to be attractive for her too?

But what if she is not attentive to your needs and tells you that she doesn’t want to wear this kind of clothing for you, no matter how nicely you ask her?  Well, if she is your girlfriend, as hard as it is to say, I suggest you move on and find another girl that would love to please you.  If this is your wife, it’s time to have a serious conversation – could that be that she feels that her needs are not met, therefore she became cold to your desires?

The reason why I believe that couples should be absolutely compatible when it comes to sexuality is because once you marry, you can’t ask any other person for sexual satisfaction except for your own spouse.  This is what makes this union special – romance, love, sexuality.  Great conversations can exist between friends and co-workers, but sexual  intimacy is something else.

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11 thoughts on “Pantyhose Obsession and Fetish

  1. you speak the truth….god damn I wish my gf wore it more often, she told me I was a pervert for having a pantyhose fetish now I will memorize this and use it as argument.

    • Hello, Joe! Thank you for your comment. I’ve met a couple recently where the wife became a real hosiery keener because her husband got her into it. Maybe he has a fetish, I didn’t ask that, but from what I know he worked in the textile industry before and he pays extra attention to hosiery. She told me that she didn’t wear it much before, but now she likes it so much that she even wears it when he is not around. Now she gets her friends into it too! I only met her husband in person, but I am really curious to see that hot wife!

  2. And no man I’ve met have appreciated that I’m a “nylon girl”. Instead, all seem to wonder why I don’t wear jeans like a “normal” girl.
    Well, I guess the destiny wants to laugh us all in the face..

    • Anki, I guess I can relate. Most men are not into it.

      I get some men from time to time dropping a comment on the street like “nice pantyhose” if I am wearing something with a pattern. Women also comment. But otherwise, it’s not common for people to like this garment for some reason anymore.

      Most of my pantyhose friends I’ve made are through pantyhose forums.

      Maybe I have a certain attitude that is kind of hard to tackle, but people don’t usually extend any comments in my address in terms of how I should dress (unless they want to give a compliment). I do get some people trying to tell me that I am too skinny, but I usually shut them up on the spot.

      So far all doctors said that I am within the normal weight range and my own man doesn’t have any problem with my weight, so that’s what matters. OK, I’m totally going off topic here…

      I am so pleased to meet you! Glad that you found my blog.

    • I m sorry to see ur post. i think the time will come. I wish to find a gal like u. Everyday wearing pantyhose is the best.

  3. With respect to the last two comments…I’m blown away! As a man and it seems just as hard to find a woman that’s into it so to speak! I have had one woman in my life that seemed to get it and appeared to enjoy dressing in them for me all the time…it was one of the things I loved her dearly for, sadly she chose to chase other things but from this man’s perspective I would love a “nylon girl” in my life…we’d certainly have a something sexy, sheer and smooth in common and I’d pay lots of attention to her 🙂

  4. Great blog post. Me and my girlfriend are both sitting here in pantyhose watching TV and reading your blog. 🙂
    I’m lucky to have found someone that can appreciate what I like and indulges me in it.

  5. 在中国这个话题可能不应该讨论,但看到你写的文章,这才是正确的价值观,每个人都有喜好,如果没有极端的行为,男性女性都不应该为喜欢丝袜而被旁人冷眼相待。很喜欢你的文章。(语言不同,翻译难免会词不达意,只要你理解最后一句话就好)
    In China, this topic may not be discussed, but when you read your article, this is the correct value. Everyone has preferences. Without extreme behavior, men and women should not be treated with indifference for liking silk stockings. I like your article very much. (Language is different, translation inevitably fails to convey meaning, as long as you understand the last sentence.)

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