what not to wear – pantyhose and uggs or rubber boots

Michelle Trachtenberg in pantyhose and uggs

Here is an example of a horrible combination of pantyhose and rubber boots.  Oh, is she planning to clean the barn and look sexy for the cows while doing it?  I only wear rubber boots if I am going to the forest or to the stables.

hunter rubber boots

To my surprise I took this photo at a fashion show, not at the cowshed. Pantyhose and rubber boots combo.

I love pantyhose, but I believe that it should be worn in harmony with other garments.  Therefore, in some cases it’s better not to wear it rather than to look stupid.

Another one of my most disliked combinations is pantyhose and ugg boots.  One of the local bloggers in Vancouver even created an article about how much she dislikes the ugg fashion.  She has quite a number of people that agree!

I remembered another horror combination, but I couldn’t take a picture because I was actually at work at the time.  There was a woman wearing 40 den pantyhose  and men’s flat sports sandals.

summer fashion faux pas

Vanessa Hudgens is wearing Uggs even in the summer, without hosiery or socks.

But let’s also not forget that in July sometimes there are women going around in Uggs or winter boots with bare legs.  Let’s say, like on the photo here Vanessa Hughes, actress and singer, comes off her tour bus in Uggs and a summer outfit.

Isn’t it time for some common sense?  Here is another example of bright pink pantyhose and uggs spotted in Vancouver by a local blogger, Side Walk Runway.

It is not unusual that Vancouver got ranked as one of world’s top worst dressed cities because of its love for yoga pants.

But I’d personally add more items to that list that make Vancouver locals so sloppy when it comes to keeping up their look.

granada by Fiore pantyhose 2 with wellington rubber boots granada by Fiore pantyhose 3 with wellington rubber boots granada by Fiore pantyhose 4 with wellington rubber hunter boots granada by Fiore pantyhose

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2 thoughts on “what not to wear – pantyhose and uggs or rubber boots

  1. Hi jessica just wanted to let u know why i find pantyhose a wellies* a very sexy combination. I used to work for a couple when i was a teenager just washing their cars doing odd jobs a helping in their stables, sometimes anne the wife who always wore pantyhose usually with wellies* when in the stables would come a chat to me while i was working a usually invite me into the house for a coffee b4 i went home, as we went into the house she’d kick off her boots at the kitchen door and then walk round making the coffee with her lovely feet visible in her sheer usually pale blue pantyhose, as we sat a chatted while drinking our coffee she would flex a spread her toes and arch her foot while i just stared like a crazy foot fetishist (guilty as charged) i think she must have known the affect she was having on me but her husband was such a t*at i think she just enjoyed the attention, i probably should have made a move but i was just a naive 17yr old a had to make do with the worn pantyhose i (borrowed) from her laundry basket. A That’s why i think pantyhose a wellies* is a sexy look. But i got to agree with you on uggs they’re minging, paul X *wellington boots rubber boots

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