Opening Another Mystery Box from a Fan

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Don’t we all love getting presents? An unopened box gives me a thrill already, a feeling of anticipation and curiosity. The longer I wait, the more it builds up.

I spent a few days waiting for an opportunity to open a special gift on camera as I prefer to have someone else film it with a good camera. I was walking around it, picking it up, looking at it, and wondering what’s in that box.

This special box was sent to me by my fan from United States, his name is Marty. I am so glad to know that there are people like him who appreciate what I do.

Marty keeps on surprising me with lots of cool dresses. He knows my measurements, so with the help of a proper size chart or a knowledgeable sales person it’s nearly impossible to miss. An advantage of having another person choose something for you is that it opens your horizons to something that they find attractive. Very often we tend to buy clothing of a certain type on our own and never even think that some other style would look good too. In fact I am wearing one of the dresses right now.

I wish more people would ask me about my measurements before getting something.  Even my own mother sometimes makes such sizing mistakes that I wonder if she still thinks I am 12 years old because I can’t even zip it up. I can ask my mom to exchange the item for a bigger size, but if it would be a suitor, I would not feel so good about explaining how I am bigger than what he imagined.

Coming from a modeling background where my measurements are always next to my name, I don’t have any hesitation sharing them. This is not the case for most ladies, of course.  In the fashion industry people focus on the fit, not on the label. A good friend of mine who is a professional stylist says she never looks at the size, but at the way it sits on her figure.

To an extent I knew that it contained dresses and jewelry, since there had to be a customs declaration form. Yup, Canada Borders just can’t stay out of my private life. To avoid some brokerage fees I went to the customs office to do my own clearance on the package and had to say what’s inside.

Speaking about customs clearance which many often forget, if you are ordering something that you wish to be discreet, let’s say a package that may involve sex toys or other sexual aids, don’t get it from another country because otherwise it will be written on it openly. If I send stockings to people, I declare as "clothing", "fabric sample", "socks" or something of that sort, but certain things can’t really be disguised.

Marty included some surprise stockings and pantyhose for me that I totally didn’t expect. One style there would look perfect with some of the Halloween costumes that I’ve been browsing at Party City site. For this whole time I have never done a Halloween inspired shoot, so I think it’s about time for one.

It took me such a long time to unwrap all the gifts from Marty and there is a video coming up. I wonder, if it took so long to unwrap, how long did it take for him to plan and assemble it so perfectly? I try to imagine him selecting the gifts and wrapping them and I wish I could have a secret glimpse of that.

Keep an eye on my blog and social media, I will be posting some photos of the gifts that Marty sent. All of those items are so beautiful, a real enhancement to my wardrobe and to my photoshoots.

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  1. All I can say about myself is that I am actually really impressed with tights! I love them. Who doesn’t love them?

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