One of my Youtube channels, FantasyStockings2, got deleted

Many of you know of me through Youtube and it would be sad news for you to learn that my biggest channel, FantasyStockings2, was terminated by Youtube today.

I really don’t know why, they didn’t give much explanation, but I did have people flagging the most basic and innocent videos. One of such videos that got flagged was a me (fully clothed in a dress) opening a box with presents.

I am trying to appeal the decision. If anybody is skilled with this, please let me know. I appreciate any help. I am not fresh on the number of subscribers, but I remember at least 16,000 people were subscribed to that channel.

7 thoughts on “One of my Youtube channels, FantasyStockings2, got deleted

  1. Hello Jessica you tube does this to people very often to people for no reason may i suggest if you can would it be possible for you to post your own videos here on your site or create a new you tube channel but make it private to only your fans who subscribe to your site and must be over 18 to view the content and make sure to copyright your videos as well but please know Jessica that i have loved your videos and i as many of your fans will stand by you.

    Paul xo

  2. Sorry to hear about the buggers at youtube. People can be so persnickety and flag the least little thing. I’ve always enjoyed your site. I found it tastefully done. Please don’t stop.

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