Nylon Socks and Open Toe Summer Shoes

nylon socks and open toe shoes

Such combination is considered to be OK.

Past summer there was a trend, at least in Asia, of such combinations.  What are your thoughts on that?  I even saw some in our local store and thought it was terrible, but my Chinese friend explained to me that it was actually a popular trend.

Russian stylists also addressed the topic, but said that it’s something for women who are under 20 years old.

nylon socks and white sandals

No way! Ugly! Only for grandmothers.

Another designer, Maxim Chernitsov, ridiculed it when women wear nude nylon socks with open toe shoes to avoid getting blisters because it him it was something a grandmother would do only.

Would you ever wear summer shoes with nylon socks?

nylon foot socks and shoes

But isn’t this one kind of hot?

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1 thought on “Nylon Socks and Open Toe Summer Shoes

  1. I liked the first picture with black socks in the black shoes. I must also say that it would not look any good if a 40 year old would wear it. It is ok for girls and young women to wear it. I did not like the last picture. I guess it is also depends on the shoes if it is ok the wear nylons in toeless summershoes.

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