My trip to London is cancelled last minute

I am so sad, it’s the first time I have to cancel airline tickets. My partner is down with flu and we just had to cancel and stay home. My dream to see the Big Ben will not come true for a while, that means.

This is the first time that I have to cancel already booked airline tickets and hotel reservations. Somehow I thought that buying cancellation insurance would mean that cancelling a flight would be as easy as returning a lamp to Ikea… I was wrong!

Turns out, I still have to pay the penalties and then appeal them through the insurance company. That’s just another heap of paperwork that I am so not looking forward to.

2 thoughts on “My trip to London is cancelled last minute

  1. Your disappointment is understandable. At least it was possible for you to cancel the flights. May the flu pass thru! Don’t worry, Big Ben will stay big, stand tall & majestic until your next approach of visiting. Your dream should soon become reality. Wish I had dreams that could be that easy fulfilled …. 😉

  2. You know, everything is so easy on the net…. but when you need to deal with things It’s impossible. It’s like, – Why make it difficult when you can make it impossible. Airlines especially.

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