My Holiday Shopping Frenzie Has Begun

Just a few hours ago I returned from United States.  Maybe it sounds far, but it’s only about 45 minutes away from Vancouver.  Partially the purpose of my trip was to send some packages that were ordered over the weekend sale though this blog, and partially to have a look at some nice outfits that I could wear for New Year’s and Christmas holidays.

pink dress and black stockingsShopping for that perfect party dress is just overwhelming in my opinion. There are thousands of brands and models to choose from and so many different stores full of noisy shoppers.  I was so confused that I just left empty-handed, declaring only $60 worth of chocolates at the border crossing, thus totally surprising the guard who somehow expected a woman like me to buy much more than that.

Sometimes I even think that instead of going from one store to another, I could buy a dress online in the comfort of my home to save time and money travelling back and forth. These days online fashion stores offer a huge selection of summer dresses, black evening dresses, prom dresses, casual dresses, sparkling dresses, and there is really no end to it.

I think that most people who are afraid of shopping online do so because they are not sure about their dress size.  One of my good friends even once bought me a beautiful sequin dress that you see here on the photo from an online store.  They had a detailed size chart with body measurements that made it easy for me to choose.

I think that the key to choosing the right dress is knowing your body type and what looks good with it.  In addition to that I choose my hosiery as carefully as I choose my dress.  Perfect nylon shade and proper shoes can add class and elegance to a simple style.

Here are some tips from stylists on choosing a nice dress that I found:

  • If you’re attending a formal event, stick with a more conventional cut.
  • For a night out or a birthday party, choose a cocktail dress.
  • Highlight your small waist with a thin belt.
  • Women with curves should avoid pleats and gathers. A knee-length dress will outline their figure and make them look slimmer.
  • Petite ladies can highlight their small frame with slim fitting dress.
  • Athletic women will look amazing in tight dresses with fun prints.
  • If you have dark skin, look for party dresses in light colors such as yellow, green, white, and pink.
  • Those with medium skin may wear gray, brown, or black.
  • Red and green will look wonderful on dark-haired ladies with pale skin.
  • The right accessories can set apart even the simplest dress.  

OK, so with my head spinning from all different styles, and especially after I looked at the photo of me in that sequin pink dress, I am determined that if I fail to find a new outfit,  at least have a perfect option already present in my closet.

3 thoughts on “My Holiday Shopping Frenzie Has Begun

  1. One complication is that not every company has the same size charts. I try on things like dresses whenever possible to avoid the hassle of returning it if it’s the wrong size. I don’t buy shoes online because the first time I did that, even though I thought I had adjusted for the difference in men’s and women’s sizes, the ones I got were much too big. I missed out on a dress I loved because the store (H&M) didn’t have my size.

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