My fan has photos of me in his car!

I am completely blown away! One of my fans told me that he got a new gadget in his car, a built in computer. I am his screen saver. As soon as I saw it, I asked him for permission to share it with the rest of you. It makes me feel so proud that my work from many years ago still inspires people.

dashboard computer pantyhose photo 3 dashboard computer pantyhose photo 2 dashboard computer pantyhose photo 1 dashboard computer

1 thought on “My fan has photos of me in his car!

  1. Hello Jessica, welcome back home from your vacation!!! I was so happy when i purchased my new SUV and i was able to download your pictures for my screen savor! Your a beautiful woman and it’s so nice to see you modeling pantyhose, thigh highs,and nylon stockings. I’m a divorced guy in my early 60’s and have had my fetish for looking at women in hosiery since 1969. I’m so happy to be your friend and fan. With computers being common in motor vehicles these day’s, I can now enjoy seeing my friend Jessica, modeling her Fiore pantyhose, thigh highs, and nylon stockings. Keep up the excellent work.Thanks so much Jessica. Love ya, your friend always Charlie.

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