Mantyhose Interview

October 30, 2013 under Boys

mantyhoseOne of the mantyhose blogs just recently invited me for an interview.

Could it be ever possible for this trend to become acceptable?

Is it OK for a man to wear tights?

My Mantyhose Interview

9 Responses to "Mantyhose Interview"

  • Loretta Martin says:

    Of course it is ok for men to wear pantyhoses, but they have to shave their legs

  • David, United States says:

    I love the feeling of wearing them. I think it possible for the trend to become more acceptable.

  • Jethro uk says:

    I wear tights or holdups every day, the feeling is awesome the look is awesome. I dont hide the fact, why should i? Its only clothing!! I also paint my nails and wear makeup because i can!! Im 36 and straight i love my styles and life. Be happy in youselves, express yourself in your own way, stand for what you beleive in! Peace. . . . . Jethro

  • Collin says:

    Men wearing nylons in Europe is much more widespread and not noticed
    I wear them for a variety of reasons: support, comfort, the tactile stimulation. Also I find them incredibly sexy on women, that which is so near, but yet kept out of reach by the smooth and sleekness of pantyhose. Also, as is said, emulation is the highest form of flattery.

    • admin says:

      I see no reason why men shouldn’t enjoy it, I love it! Sometimes under pants to wear any kind of second pants is too much, but pantyhose is sleek and not bulky, keeps warm too.

  • Shawn says:

    Do you find men attractive wearing pantyhose?? I don’t know very many women that like men in women clothing.

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