Male Dancer in White Tights

I went to a fashion event and they had an amazing dancer in white pantyhose.  His dance moves were outstanding and I came at the end of the show to thank him.  Of course, as you notice, he doesn’t mind wearing tights and he says that he buys a lot of it for dancing.

I have nothing against men wearing tights as you may know from my bio section.  I enjoyed watching this dancer in white tights perform his ballet moves.  Somehow before it never occurred to me that mantyhose can be sexy.

As I learned later on, there are a lot of men out there who are not even dancers and enjoy to wear hosiery because of the feeling.  Beautiful dancer in these white tights made my heart race that cold Vancouver evening.

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6 thoughts on “Male Dancer in White Tights

  1. I’ve danced for about 10 years on and off.

    For many wears, I would keep my pants (dress pants that I wore at work) ON OVER the white pantyhose that I wore, usually three layers, underneath, mostly because I didn’t want anybody else to know or see – like a sense of shame or guilt almost.

    And when the teacher finally complained enough abiut not being able to see my legs (to be able to properly assess whether I am doing it correctly), I switched to black shorts and black tights.

    HATED that I felt like I had to do that (but unshaved legs and me being quite pale) – not the best look, but to the point of doing what makes YOU happy, I most certainly did not/was not.

    (I did pointe for about 5 years.)

    Part of it is you don’t know how “outside” (vanilla) people would react.

    Some were supportive. Others, less so.

    It was a great time in my life though.

    If it were for the 30 degree C, 40 degree C with humidex, I’d be wearing them right now.

    Maybe I’ll jump back into ballet this coming September. We shall see.

    But that is/such is “society”. It can be geat on/with some things, but terrible in others.

  2. Very “brave” of him though. He needs to either decide whether he is going jazz (passé in 6th) or ballet (passé de côté). Pick one!

    Pet peeve of mine… (when the placement is ambiguous)

    10 years of ballet training – you have the exact/specific position beat into your head so I cringe when others perform it ambiguously.

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