Magic of Pantyhose in Eastern Europe

Malboro model in pantyhose in Ukraine

Malboro promotion in Ukranian duty free shop

I had an opportunity to spend a couple of weeks of summer in multiple Eastern European countries and observe at least one third of women proudly wearing pantyhose.

In general, in that region women put more effort to look their best even if they are going to do their daily chores.  Looking good is an expectation.  Maybe not explicit, but it’s always there.

Ukraine: beautiful Barbie is wearing nude pantyhose

Borispol airport in Ukraine seemed to be the hottest place throughout my trip, temperature wise and fashion wise.

As an example, I’ve seen a beautiful brunette model
promoting Malboro cigarettes at the duty free store.  She was very friendly and gladly posed for a photo.  Her sporty outfit looked stunning with a pair of shiny pantyhose.

Again, at the same airport, I saw a beautiful Barbie Girl who was catching a flight to Sofia, Bulgaria.  She was wearing nude pantyhose with her pink outfit despite the hot weather.

Ukraine: airport female staff were wearing skirts and pantyhose.

I remember hearing results of a survey why Arab men prefer to date Eastern European women.  One thing from the responses that shocked me was “these women look after themselves even after marriage”.  I was surprised to realize that this statement implied that some women don’t.

For the record, I noticed that the Barbie girl had a ring on her finger.  Yes, such beautiful women don’t stay single for long.

Chopin airport in Warsaw was not far behind.  There were a lot of fancy women there, both staff and tourists, wearing pantyhose.  Considering that in most airports photography is not allowed, I had to be quite careful in order to get a few sneak peeks for you.

Poland: blond flight attendant is wearing chocolate colour pantyhose

In Poland I was pleased to see a beautiful blond woman checking boarding passes while wearing chocolate pantyhose.  What a rare sight!  I think it’s only possible in Eastern Europe.   Brown is a very rare colour these days and somehow it doesn’t get recommended for fair skinned people.  I remember how in our Vancouver Wolford boutique staff were just adamant about me expressing an interest in a tan shade darker then my own skin tone.

In LED airport in Russia I also saw a lot of pantyhose, but with their tough security I decided not to play with the rules.  Of course, that vast country is full of women of all ages and sizes in pantyhose.  Teens, grandmothers, young moms… they all wear it.  Fashion stores have great hosiery selection, including brands like Falke.

Some curious bullet points here about Eastern Europe:

Russia: even young moms go out in sexy outfits!

  • reinforced toes are frequently worn even with sandals
  • plain pantyhose greatly outnumber patterns
  • nude seems to be the most popular colour for plain hosiery
  • black is the most popular colour for patterns
  • pantyhose commercials on TV and banners for brands like Conte
  • layering is OK, i.e. wearing beige fishnets over sheer nude pantyhose
  • even plus size ladies wear it (I saw a mature woman in bright orange tights)

Russia: size and age are no obstacle to wear hosiery!

So friends, if you would like to make this summer full of nylon legs, book a flight to Eastern Europe for an unforgettable pantyhose experience!

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7 thoughts on “Magic of Pantyhose in Eastern Europe

  1. Great shot, as to your Google ads not appearing.. the main page are showing for me, however when I view the article What is this? At least looks stylish by itself, it looks as if a blacklabel ad is trying to come through and google does not allow multiple advertisers on any page.

  2. Beautiful! By the way, that promo would never happen in the US… It is a huge no-no to promote smoking here, to the point where there is consideration being given to making cigarrette packs have one full side showing a photo of a tar damaged lung with cancer warning. No smoking at all in most public buildings, and many landlords are requiring smoke-free apartments from tenants, with eviction notices if tobacco smoking is detected.

  3. I don’t want to cross post, but I think that that pair is not chocolate coloured.

    Also, I wonder if that couple is young. They look like they are middle aged, but I guess that I can never know, when I only see the back sides.

    What do others think about the 2 photos?

    It is good to know about the reinforced toes and sandals.

    I feel like travelling. ;^P

    • Hi, Eugene.

      Yes, those were chocolate. The colour somehow looks different on camera, but those pantyhose were rich brown.

      Yeah, I was kind of wondering how old is that couple… I think probably 35 or so. Older people won’t dress that way. Some guys get bold fast by genetic heritage.

      I am very happy that I got a chance to photograph that Ukranian model and the Barbie girl. They really stood out in the crowd.


  4. Great pictures of Eastern European women wearing hosiery. At least they take wearing hose as part of their tradition and culture in being feminine, and are very serious about it than American women.

  5. I was in Western Europe in May and what I was surprised at was how many girls in their 20’s were wearing sheer pantyhose with all manner of outfits, dresses, skirts and especially with shorts.

    As Jessica points out, in the workplace in Europe, women never stopped wearing pantyhose. A woman my wife works with told her that seeing how nice my wife looked wearing hosiery inspired her to start wearing skirts and pantyhose again. She was surprised at how much pantyhose have improved in quality in the 15 years since she last wore them and also how much attention from men she gets when she is wearing them.

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