Dear friends,

It is time for a new makover look and for some new products too. I left the most important products in my shop section for now, and all the other Fiore and Gabriella brands I moved to eBay for clearing out. Soon I’d like to bring in more shiny styles for you to enjoy and some rare ones too, like Victoria Secret Glossy Smooth that are long time discontinued.

My wonderful honest and talented programmer got himself a full-time job and no longer does freelance. I guess I have to learn some things pretty quick here how to do it myself.

It is a pity, I joined a WordPress Advanced e-Commerce course online in September, but after a few sessions our instructor had too many emergencies and there were too many cancelled classes as a result, so the school board cancelled the course all together.

After all, I am an entrepreneur and we are the kind of people who make it stuff happen. In the meanwhile, please follow me on Twitter @FantasyStocking if you’d like and check out my eBay store too.

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