Looking for German Pantyhose Talk Shows — lots found

Found it thanks to a fan!  (Previously there was a request here to help me find some German pantyhose talk shows)



Thanks to an absolutely awesome gentleman who took the time to help me, right now I have the following in my database, in the queue for translation.

















http://youtu.be/iKPuSqFfLzs  (factory video)

http://youtu.be/Qp_aaRC0wzo  (factory video)

http://youtu.be/2Nyl-lMiiS4  (fashion show)


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9 thoughts on “Looking for German Pantyhose Talk Shows — lots found

  1. I watched the first video in German — surprised that these two dudes found so many guys to actually try on a pair. There’s nothing wrong with nor gay about wearing pantyhose. The material feels good, is extremely flexible, can provide support, a little insulation to keep warm and packs much more compactly when traveling than the socially accepted alternative.

    Honestly, there are many and much more important issues in this epoch of life on a grand scale, to be solved, than to judge people on what they wear. Perhaps despite the fact that we’re in the 21 century, there’s still much confusion about the concepts of male and masculine, which do not change with outside appearance.

    Though lastly I do appreciate looking out on the street and being able to tell the difference between women and men by their attire, as well as shape and behavior …

    • There is quite a lot of men who wear it and enjoy the feeling.

      I am working on getting translation of a Russian talk show (2nd part, 1st part was already released here) and they say that Russian army is supposed to provide thermal underwear for the soldiers, but they don’t just yet. So many soldiers have to wear women’s pantyhose instead.

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