Interviewed by Legwear Fashion for Men

I am excited because this is actually the first time I am doing an interview for another blog. Β Andreas Lucius, the owner of Legwear Fashion for Men, is a real trend setter when it comes to wearing tights as a fashion garment.

Some sample questions from the discussion that I answered:

Why do I love hosiery?

What do I think of men who wear it?

Would I date someone who wears it?

What style would work nicely with hosiery for a man?

Β Read The Interview!

14 thoughts on “Interviewed by Legwear Fashion for Men

    • Hi Andreas,

      don’t you find it uncomfortable to wear hose outdoors? I’m from Singapore too and I am already sweating in my jeans (They aren’t even tight)!

      • Hi Sam!

        I don’t wear them everyday, I only wear them on the weekends or on my off days, and on those days I know I would spend 3/4 of the time in air-conditioned places. By the way, I wear them with short pants and cargo pants. Also I don’t wear those cotton blended ones, they are mostly 60 to 80 den. πŸ™‚ They are made for men from Activskin and ADRIAN.


      • Aren’t people more open-minded in Asian countries about this kind of stuff? I remember my house mate in university had a boyfriend from Singapore. First time I saw him, he was wearing blue eye contacts and had his hair up in a really stylish way. I wasn’t even sure if he is straight, if you know what I mean. That wasn’t common for a Canadian crowd, let’s just say, men don’t dress up much here. But turns out he just likes to dress up, he was as straight as it could get. πŸ™‚

        • I mean no offence (I am a fan of your site), but you might be overgeneralising a bit. The liberalism you see in Japan and Thailand will be hard to find in places like Malaysia and Singapore.

          Although I can explain your example in two ways.

          Firstly, most Singaporeans who “dress up” are mostly quite cosmopolitan in nature (quite a handful, but they are usually overwhelmed by the conservative majority), so their peers would most probably just perceive them as extremely westernised.

          Secondly, Singaporeans are not exactly the most open-minded of people (the government does stink of “family values” at times), but we have this concept of not being nosey in society. It’s not that we don’t care, just that we don’t care to ask at random stranger in public about his/her preferences.

          • Thanks for letting me know! Yeah, I had no idea because I’ve never been to Asia. My roommate was Chinese and her bf was from Singapore. They both lived in Canada, so maybe he even picked up those trends here.

            Oh, by the way, that guy told me that he once went to the post office to send a letter to Singapore and the clerk said that he forgot to put which province of China the letter was going to. In North America they don’t know too much about all different Asian countries.

  1. Thank you for the link to the interview. May I ask if it was your legs with black pantyhoses with your name in white letters? Where did you find those? I would great to have with my name.

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