Julia shows off Janessa Pantyhose by Fiore

December 1, 2013 under News

Julia tried on Janessa pantyhose and took some photos of what it looked like.  She helps out a lot with this blog and naturally, like any Eastern European woman, she likes nice clothing and tights.

Janessa pantyhose by Fiore

Janessa pantyhose by Fiore on legs

Janessa pantyhose by Fiore in black on a model

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2 Responses to "Julia shows off Janessa Pantyhose by Fiore"

  • Loretta Martin says:

    Those hoses looks nice, but it is needed to wear a very short dress or skirt to show the upper part of the decorative dots. I could not see any reinforcement at the toes. Is it any reinforcement at the toes?

    • admin says:

      Hi, Loretta, the toes are invisibly reinforced. Julia is a very sporty lady, she wore a short skirt to show off her nice legs for the sake of the photos. Otherwise I think she probably wears longer skirts from day to day because she works in an office. The polka dot print is still nice, even with a longer skirt. I would say that this kind of a design is more of a peekaboo surprise for the boyfriend.

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