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Hosiery for Men by Gerbe

Hosiery for Men is a blog from England that widens acceptance of hosiery for men.  The founder of this blog is a straight man who simply likes wearing hosiery for leg support, warmth and comfort.


I know a lot of men who wear pantyhose, most often secretly, but most of them don’t go as far as starting their own blog.  How did you decide to blog about your hosiery interest?

I was aware of a few other blogs focused on tights/pantyhose and men but some of them didn’t seem to last for very long or have much regular content. I guess that I wanted to write a blog that I myself would like to read. I also wanted to have an opportunity to write more about my interest and try a wider range of hosiery products.

Since I started the blog almost a year ago, it has really taken off. I have built up some great contacts with hosiery retailers and manufacturers, and been able to test a very wide range of samples.

The blog now gets between 400-500 page views a day from all over the world.


Ela hosiery designed for men

Well, some of the brands sold in department store are actually really very good indeed. I am speaking of some of the premium brands such as Wolford, Falke, Philippe Matignon etc. But also some of the more budget brands such as Gatta, from Poland, are also a good for men.

The main thing I look at is the sizing – will the tights fit taller sizes? Another key feature is the brief. Some tights/pantyhose are made with a low waist style that isn’t really suitable for most men. Lycra content is also important for stretch and a good fit.

Of course, one can also check out the wide selection of tights now made for men – brands such as Comfort4Men, Ela, Aries, Adrian, Activskin, Doyeah etc. There are some very good products that include features that ensure men get a good fit – longer length in the leg, generous brief and even a fly opening.

Comfort4Men are a remarkable brand – their tights, pantyhose and support hosiery are designed by a woman, but no effort has been spared in meeting the highest standards and specifications. Activskin also produce an impressive range of legwear for men and the quality is also very good.


I’ve heard someone say once that if a man would like to buy pantyhose designed for females, they should go one size larger than what the size chart says.  Is there anything that men should know when purchasing women’s brands?

I am not so sure that is a good rule to follow in every case. Sometimes the sizing information isn’t that accurate.

With experience and a lot of testing (much more since starting the blog) I have got to know which brands have accurate sizing and will fit me well.

Tights for men by Knittex


Do you ever show off your hosiery by wearing it with shorts?  If yes, how do people usually react when they see it and what how do you explain to them such choice of wardrobe?

No, I have never worn tights with shorts. I know that is a style that some guys go and I have recently seen it as part of the collections of some prominent designers such as Givenchy.

However, I prefer to wear tights under trousers.


Since manufacturers continue to make hosiery for men; does it mean that there is a good market for it?

There seems to be a division of opinion on this issue. Some manufacturers, such as Gerbe, are sadly discontinuing their range of men’s tights. However, there always seem to be new styles appearing from others, such as Knittex from Poland.

I think that in general the marketing of men’s tights has been rather poor in general. Some brands don’t seem to market much at all and don’t seem to have made use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

It was interesting to see what happened recently with the launch of the Emilio Cavallini range of unisex tights. There was simple a huge amount of publicity everywhere and it raised the visibility of men wearing tights hugely. It seemed to me that this was an area of great interest to the media and those manufacturers making men’s tights should really be trying to take advantage of this.


Hosiery by Emilio Cavallini

Have you ever tried shaping pantyhose?  Some women say it makes a great difference.  I imagine that there are some men would like to have their waistline slimmer too. 

I have tried compression/support tights and pantyhose. Some of these are marketed for the shaping capacity. My main aim in trying them is to check what benefits there are in terms of leg support. If you are working on your feet all day, or even sitting down for long periods, support hosiery can be very helpful. They keep your circulation going and lessen fatigue. I recently tried some Philippe Matignon Revitalise 70 tights – – they were excellent and provided a feeling of well being all day.


What is your opinion on patterned hosiery?  I’ve seen some fun pictures of your blog of men wearing polka dot print pantyhose with shorts.  How adventurous do you get with your own hosiery?

I am not that adventurous to be honest. I don’t think polka dot hosiery with shorts is really a good look for guys. That was one of the styles in the Emilio Cavallini unisex range, but I think most men will go for neutral sheer or opaque styles.


Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for other men who wear hosiery for comfort or medical reasons?  Getting our society to show more open-minded is not an easy job.

I think people are much more open-minded than people realise. Firstly, almost all the hosiery retailers are open-minded about men wearing tights and pantyhose. Not only are we an important part of the customer base, in most cases they will also provide friendly advice and support.

When buying tights for myself in department stores, I have also found sales assistants to be completely supportive and helpful. The Falke store in Harrods of London, for example, were particularly helpful, talking me through their range and helping me to choose something suitable (that is also how I got to try the excellent Falke Pure Matt 100 denier tights.

I would encourage men to be happy with who they are and comfortable in their choice of legwear. I hope the Hosiery For Men blog can help widen acceptance.


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