Intellectual Property Infringement on Facebook – Please Help

August 28, 2014 under News

Dear friends, please help me fight this.

Two of my Hawaii pantyhose photos are being stolen from me by this group – Olivia Straps on Facebook.

olivia straps copyright violation photos

I told them about this and even left comments on the actual photos asking to take them down. They just said that the photos are not mine and blocked me from their page. They have no right to put their watermark on my work. 

olivia straps copyright violation

They are also using a photo from TightsFashion. This is a credible website, run by CJ, that invests a lot of time into doing nice photoshoots and writing good reviews. No one has a right to present their work as if it’s their own.

Please support people who produce pantyhose photos and not people who steal them and has the audacity to slap their own watermark on it.

Report the page Olivia Straps for copyright violations!

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