I returned from vacation!

January 20, 2017 under News

Hello friends and thank you very much for your patience. I just got back from my trip to Toronto and I am already jumping to assemble all the orders waiting for me while I was away.

I got to see some of my friends, but not everybody sadly, as it usually happens because of the brevity of my trip. I did however manage to meet up with one of my fans and we went out for a very nice sushi brunch.

My December was hectic and I actually worked through the whole day on Christmas because naturally the next day would be Boxing Day and I wanted to upload as much product as I possibly could to eBay.

For whatever reason I notice that Boxing Day is no longer a big deal in Canada like it used to be 10 years ago. American Black Friday is taking over in terms of popularity.

I told myself that I’ll take time off in January when the sales are slower, but of course with this trip I still feel like I didn’t get to rest. It’s not exactly a vacation in Toronto because I am staying with my parents.

If you have a regular job, then December is the time to relax. But when you are in sales like me, it’s quite the opposite and quite a stressor. Any other month is good for vacation, just not this one.

On my way back half of the airplane was coming from a resort in Jamaica. This of course made me want to jump back on a plane and head to the tropics. If I do, I’ll let you know.

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2 Responses to "I returned from vacation!"

  • Nikolaj says:

    Hi Jess, I think I speak for all your fans when I express that we’re always happy when you’re back online. By the way you have a charming, honest and eloquent style of writing. Independently working must be definitely different from any employment. Could you influence your parents on their real-estate-buying-plans like you intended ? Oh I’d wish to share some tropical heat with you … Fantasy

    • admin says:

      Hi Nikolaj, thank you for the compliments! I am glad to be back, but it would be better if I’d be back from the tropics with a nice tan. I tried to talk to my parents and I hope my father listened a little because there is no such thing as rental income with no additional work involved. I don’t advice him to take on more work at this point.

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