I bought shoes to match my pantyhose!

In this picture I am wearing Crush pantyhose by Fiore with a pair of new shoes I got from French Connection. I bought the shoes on an impulse really, but knowing the store’s good return policy I knew that I still have some time to make up my mind.

I asked my friends on Twitter and they all so far say to keep it! So I will. I think it looks beautiful with these tights.

crush pantyhose by fiore worn with blue shoes by french connection

3 thoughts on “I bought shoes to match my pantyhose!

  1. Hi Jessica. I love your Fiore black polka dot pantyhose. What den are they? I love your blue high heel pumps! They match very well with the blue dots on your pantyhose. Very sexy!!!

  2. Those shoes are certainly a striking shade of blue! Still, I think a pair of stroppy sandals are the best way to show off some fabulous pantyhose. That’s a combination rarely seen any more though.

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