2 thoughts on “Hosiery for Men: Interview with Shapings.com

  1. Jessica,
    You have touched two of the most knowledgeable people in the hosiery retailing industry. Robert and Nicole, frankly they are second to none when it comes to advising customers on good hosiery and selecting competitive, exciting brands. Their detail and technical knowledge are ultra impressive too. I have tried to test them at times and had some spirited debates but my respect for them is immense even though sometimes we agreed to disagree. I should also add Robert knows how to operate a camera just a little bit better than the average lensnapper.

    I should also qualify that I have known the Safko’s for over 10 years so my opinions are not without bias but they have had, of course, a huge influence on me in terms of guiding me on excellent pantyhose purchases. Life-changing in fact.

    However I would like to address the subject of men’s pantyhose and what Robert had to say about hosiery for men and the marketing aspect. As a long time pantyhose wearer who developed his love of pantyhose on what we call women’s pantyhose, it was somewhat funny for me to accept that men had a distinct design or designs and brands for men only. I tried Wolford Waistock back in 2004. They were bulky. Basically well made long johns with feet. The anti-thesis of pantyhose or tights. Jessica….not everything Wolford makes or markets is magic. LOL

    And again as a man who wears pantyhose, what passes or is marketing as women’s pantyhose ceased to be….for me…women’s pantyhose. It was pantyhose period. Gender was irrelevant. I’m one that takes the viewpoint that men have every and equal right to wear pantyhose as a neutral gender garment. I am fully cognizant that the majority of the human race does not see it that way but guess what….that is their issue. Not mine.

    Now bringing up that opinion, I think a lot of other guys feel the same way. Long time pantyhose wearers that is. The new pantyhose for men is designed for men and no doubt fantastic for hunters or construction workers or outdoor workers. Frankly they are nuts not to wear hosiery in cold weather. But I also find that some of the male pantyhose designs look……….awkward. Not sleek. Not ….I will say it effeminate. And as masculine as some of us like to be or think we are, pantyhose is a reflection of one’s feminine side too. I have no problem with that. It seems to me at least that men’s pantyhose was marketed to first time wearers and not wearers of hose who had been around a while. I did try (frequently) Levee WoMan. And enjoyed them but they were more unisex and more………..traditional pantyhose. As I type this I have on a blast from the past, Diana 40’s, which to me feel correct and appropriate and comfortable to wear and also weather appropriate. Again, pantyhose…not women’s pantyhose.

    I also want to send out a personal message and describe to your readers, Jessica, on what Shapings and the Safko’s have meant to me. This may be awkward or inappropriate given that the topic was something else entirely, but I would feel I missed an opportunity to express my gratitude. I struggled with my sexuality for a long time. Pantyhose was a huge catalyst for me managing my repression and finally accepting that I was gay. I decided finally I had to come out and the Safko’s were amongst the first to accept me. I was nervous – very nervous but they managed to make me feel human and looking back was a moment in my life I will always remember -the kindness, understanding and acceptance. I thank them. It truly means a lot to me. And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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