Halloween outing and my Bostonian friend’s visit

oasis aqua loungeI had a male friend over from Boston, visiting me for the weekend. A year ago I got to visit him and we went out for pedicure, as well as for a nice dinner at Hooters.

Because I wanted to make it special for him, I got us tickets to the Oasis Aqua Lounge Halloween party (19+) on Saturday night. I came wearing a bodysuit, nude pantyhose, and high heels. He dressed up in a more BDSM themed outfit with hand cuffs and a leash. It was so much fun!

Here is a photo I took in the change room with another girl. Her husband actually volunteered to take the photo, so this was all done with full consent because photography in the club is prohibited to protect people’s privacy.

She was wearing really nice leggings and allowed me to even touch it and run my hands over it. I know where she got it from, so I am hoping to buy some for myself too.

I also got to visit both Toronto Hooters locations with my friend since he is a big fan of this restaurant. Well, we had some cultural outings too, like the Bata Shoe Museum with a wonderful Manolo Blahnik exhibit and of course our local art gallery. Time went by so fast, we have to do this some other time again!

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