Fleece-Lined Pantyhose

rajstopy I must admit that it’s been a real blessing in this weather to have my thick 500 den fleece-lined pantyhose.  The inside of them is very soft to touch, on the outside it looks very sleek and non-fuzzy.

They work well with skirts, but of course under no conditions such leggings should be worn instead of pants – the seams on the hips still show.

It’s interesting to note though that on the advertisement they are shown to be worn without any skirt, as if it is tight pants.  I suppose that for modeling poses it doesn’t really matter how abstract the composition gets, but consumers should not think that what they see on the cover is reality.

I got previously asked a lot where to get this 500 denier fleece-lined pantyhose, so I purchased some in bulk and it is now available in the shop section of this blog.

Sizes – S, M, L, XL.  Leggings are also available!  It’s a best seller.




*Friends, the only funding for this blog is from the shop section.  Please indulge your pantyhose obsession and show some support for my work!  Your purchases make this blog possible.*

6 thoughts on “Fleece-Lined Pantyhose

  1. I have never heard of fleece lined tights. Whatever next ! You bring up a good point Jessica about the seam. If they can make Wolford sheer tights that are seamless, why cannot somebody make some thicker denier seamless tights (ie covering the feet) that can be worn as leggings as well? I am sure a lot of women would want them ..

    • That’s a very good point.
      China is excellent for seamless leggings production and they are very cheap. So that exists. Just not from this brand because it’s Polish. At least this is what I hear – most seamless is done in China.

      I personally don’t like leggings worn as pants unless at home or at the gym somewhere. It’s just too tight. Maybe on a very skinny girl it would work, but on most women I don’t think it looks good.

  2. As I look closely at the photo you provide of the 500 den winter tights, I see the outline of a black bodysuit over the tights. That’s why they’re without a skirt.

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