Fishnet pantyhose – from runway, to glamour, to workplace

Nude or beige fishnet seems to become a new standard for fashionable and presentable women.  Here is a photo of Jeanne Beker (60 years old!) who is a Canadian fashion star.  She is sitting on a chair and describing what her model is wearing.

But… Jeannie is in some kind of hosiery, the model isn’t.  How come?

I went to see her presentation in Vancouver.  She was dressed formal, with a black jacket that had a subtle sparkly texture, and nude fishnets to my surprise.  Her models though didn’t wear any hosiery to my disappointment, really not sure why.

Later I went to a similar presentation for another collection.  Models were dressed in winter clothing without any hosiery.  You know, not everyone’s legs look so good… one girl had bruises as if she played soccer, another girl had some kind of red spots resembling an allergy, and all the other girls looked really out of context with bare legs and a jacket.  I couldn’t take it, so after the show I came up to one of the stylists and asked why it’s like this.  She told me that they should have worn nude fishnets, but the stylists forgot about it because they were focused on the clothing only.

Hosiery Association recommends for women who like fishnets to wear smaller, more tightly knitted fishnet of muted colours like charcoal or nude to the office.  They also admit that before it wasn’t an acceptable option for the office, but now it is OK.  I can understand why.  It’s more durable and doesn’t run if damaged.

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