Finn Magazine temporary special & free shipping

August 9, 2013 under News

Finn magazine mock stocking pantyhose by Fiore 1

I’m featured in Finn Mag!

Finn magazine is a Canadian publication about nylon, legs, and nice shoes – all combined.

I’ve been honoured to have my article published in the current issue about an interview with a flight attendant and her compression hosiery experience.

The photo that you see here will appear in the next issue that is not just out yet, but I will keep the subject of my next story a surprise.

If you want to learn more about Finn Magazine, please have a look at this interview they did for my blog.


finn mag photo pantyhose 2Free Shipping for August

I would like to inform you that August is a free shipping month.  So if you still don’t have issues #1, #2, and #3 – it’s a good opportunity to get it and save some money, since shipping can cost as much as $15 depending on your location.

Don’t worry, it’s discreet.  When they sent me mine, I had no idea what it was myself when it came in the mail. So you won’t get any questions about what that nylon leg magazine was all about.


finn mag photo pantyhose persian 6New Promo Code with a Better Discount

Another thing that management of Finn magazine has given me is a new promo code with even a better discount than before, but I am unable to publicly post it.  If you’d like to have it, either sign up for the newsletter or if you just can’t wait – send me a message directly (



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