Fashion Hosiery with Fading Colour Gradient

I saw this online and I couldn’t resist but share with you!  I think this is an excellent concept for coloured tights to have a smooth colour gradient.

Personally I’ve seen tie-dyed tights before and I can’t stand anything that was coloured this way because it reminds me of some unfortunate laundry accidents rather than fashion.

However, this concept is much neater, especially if it is styled nicely with the outfit.  From my knowledge this product is from China and there is even a supplier on Alibaba website.

Can Europeans brands try to repeat this?  I’d be a big fan if I could find something of this sort from my favourite brands.

6 thoughts on “Fashion Hosiery with Fading Colour Gradient

  1. I like ideas that keep hosiery fresh and in fashion. Maybe this style would make a woman have to work harder to coordinate colours though? So some may not take to them. I am just a guy though so I am probably wrong.

    • Loretta, if they offer this kind of hosiery indifferent colours, you can pick out the outfit that you want to wear and match the hosiery to it. I also hear from some women that there are some colours that they like (ex. burgundy) and they buy a lot of items in that colour, so they’ve got some matching stuff all the time just because they pick out that colour purposely.

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