Do you like to experiment with different hosiery shades?

When I just started selling pantyhose at local women events, I had women come up to me and ask “What colours do you have?” while browsing. Surprisingly, I rarely sold shades other than black and natural. I always wondered, why ask if you would still choose black?

There was one lady who worked for the Board of Trade, she was East Indian, with a darker skin tone. This was the only person who wanted to have something darker, like Cappuccino and Taupe shade, to match her skin tone.

I have some styles in my shop that come in a variety of shades. Have a look if you’d like in case you are one of those who likes to explore different options. One of my favourite writers, Tim Ferris, said that he purposely stopped wearing black at some point and actually experienced some enjoyment as a result.



I am trying on different colour shoes in a store. Wearing Fortsisima by Gatta pantyhose in light grey shade.


If you are looking for some exotic shades like Cypria, Cappuccino, and so on, have a look at these tights. They have a very wide pallette of colours. XL is also available!

LILI 20 den fiore tightsLili by Fiore

SAVA 15 den

Sava by Fiore

Both of these cool styles are now 50% Off!

If you are looking for fashion colours like violet and orange, have a look at Paula 40 den tights and at Ester stay up stockings. I brought in a lot of shades!

3 thoughts on “Do you like to experiment with different hosiery shades?

  1. You are to be commended for stocking such a wide variety of colours. It’s pretty much impossible to find hose at department stores and drug stores in shades other than nude or black. Even navy blue has pretty much disappeared never mind the light grey that you feature in one of your photos.

  2. I mostly use black or suntan (nude) coloured 20 den tights. It is the easiest to match to the clothes.
    When I wear 40 den or thicker tights I often wear different colours that match the clothes. Mostly it is simple one coloured tights or very discreet patterned tights. Last week I bought a pair of green coloured 60 den tights ( I plan to wear those with a black skirt and a greenish top or a black dress. I also plan to to have green nailpolish when I wear those green tights.

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