Cuban chambermaids in hosiery despite the heat – Controversy

Every time I am in Cuba, I am surprised to see female hotel staff wear hosiery at all times despite the heat with closed toe shoes.  If I’d have that job, I probably wouldn’t be able to take it anymore and would go ahead and jump in the pool.

A model is posing in a maid outfit near the pool. Courtesy of WamInStyle team.

Just recently one of the women I know returned from Cuba and that was the first thing she mentioned to me, knowing about my hosiery obsession.

To my surprise Cuban staff wear hosiery, but not basic plain.  They all seemed to show off with a variety of patterned tights.  Not only that they wear it, they put effort to draw attention.

I also visited Dominican Republic and Mexico, but their staff go with bare legs.  Only Cuba seems to maintain such high dress code standard.

I can’t really say if I like the idea despire my love for hosiery.  To me clothes should not jeopardize one’s health.  At temperatures soaring close to 40 Celsius wearing synthetic fabrics may lead to skin irritation, fungus infection, and to additional female problems.

Once I was walking all stylish in the heat of the Middle East and the next day ended up with an excema-like rash on my skin.  Locals confirmed that this is what happens to them too if they don’t dress smartly in such heat.

Do you think that pantyhose should still be enforced in extreme heat?  I would probably suggest in summer months to wear fine fishnet stockings (no silicon lining) with a garter belt in order to both look stylish and not feel too hot.

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5 thoughts on “Cuban chambermaids in hosiery despite the heat – Controversy

  1. In extreme heat… being ‘forced’ to wear pantyhose would be torture. I completely agree with fishnet hosiery being a fine alternative as they can be made to look very stylish while not ‘overheating’ the wearer with ‘more’ complete encasement.

  2. If it is too hot, then they should not be required to wear hosiery.

    I’m surprised, though, that such a thin fabric can cause such problems. I think somebody should run some tests, to see how nylon and spandex react in hot weather.

    The bottom line is that the fabric keeps the sun off of the legs, but black does absorb the heat. Maybe nude should be an option.

    There is a woman who does wear hosiery in Miami, so obviously she is successful at it. I wear it in summer, but I have never been in 40 C weather before.

  3. I suppose they wear hose as part of their overall uniform, but I agree with the other posters that it probably isn’t advisable at those high temperatures. Besides, the work they do can be pretty physical, making things even more uncomfortable. I can tolerate hose pretty well in warmer temperatures, but not if I have to move around too much.

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