Chica Bomb and Sex Appeal

October 2, 2013 under Famous

Mayra Munoz Chica Bomb with Dan Balan

Interview with Dan Balan:

How were Chica Bomb Girls selected?

For those of you who don’t know, Chica Bomb was a popular hit a few years back.  Dan Balan idea and Katie DiCicco voice had the whole Europe dancing to a very provocative video clip of women in wet white shirts, thongs, and lingerie.  But based on what factors were those women selected?  Below Dan Balan explains what exactly he was looking for – sex appeal.

Translated by Helene, Belarus 

Q: Dan, could you please tell us who was choosing girls for your music clip Chica Bomb?

A: This clip I was making with Hype Williams. This is a famous American clip-maker (director), one of the best. Usually I design all my clips on my own, do casting on my own, too. I even make video on my own. But this time all was more difficult. Williams is a star, he does everything as he wants. But I would be satisfied only if the clip would reflect my vision. I explained to Williams what kind of girls I would like to see in this clip.

He told me: “Ok, I will find super-girls.” But when I came to Los Angeles, I saw the girls that Hype had found, and I absolutely did not like them. Those were the girls from Colombia, with beautiful voluptious bodies, but they were rather vulgar.

Usually such girls are filmed in rap music clips. I was going to make an erotic clip, but this eroticism should be beautiful. I imagined very clearly what kind of girls I need in my clip, how they shall be dressed, how they shall move, look, how they shall act while filming. They had to have so called “romance with the camera”.

I put off the filming of the clip and made casting on my own. As a result I have chosen four girls, not the most beautiful, but with real sex appeal. During the casting I saw girls who were much more beautiful, several times more beautiful than those whom I have chosen, simply fantastically beautiful. But when we started filming we saw that that it would not work.

Sex-appeal is not connected with appearance, this is something which one cannot comprehend, something magical and enchanting from inside, and appearance has nothing to do with it. For example, the girl, which was filmed in the most effective way… well, first I didn`t like her at all. But when she started to move to music and dance, I realized that this is one I was looking for.

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