Baywatch Star Kelly Rohrbach in Pantyhose

I came across these photos from 2016 online by accident. Turns out that Kelly Rohrbach, 27, recently got herself a modeling gig, advertising a popular hosiery brand in Europe. She is an American-born model and actress, also happens to be one of the ex-girlfriends of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Kelly-Rohrbach-Calzedonia star pantyhose commercial

Kelly-Rohrbach-Calzedonia opaque tights commercial

Kelly-Rohrbach-pantyhose commercial for Calzedonia


3 thoughts on “Baywatch Star Kelly Rohrbach in Pantyhose

  1. Meant to ask are these Calzedonia star pantyhose available yet being the adventurous type wouldn’t mind having a pair to wear myself

    • I think the tights are really cool too, I just don’t carry any of them. I found these photos online and thought they would be worth sharing.

      From my experience Calzedonia does a lot of re-branding. They have pantyhose made all over the world. So probably that means that other brands have the same patterns, just different label.

  2. TY will have to keep searching would love a pair great fashion look would love to see what they look like on know I would love wearing them.

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