Ankle socks – nerdy or trendy?

March 27, 2015 under What to Avoid

short socks and heels, nylonOn my trip to Las Vegas I decided one day to wear cropped pants and matching nylon socks. In general, short socks like that seemed to be popular at least a year ago, especially among Asians. I also saw TopShop mannequins dressed like that, showing off their nylon socks.

However, I’ve seen also people on Facebook look down at women who wear their pants above the socks and let the sock show like this. I assume that traditionally to see the top of the sock would only be appropriate for children.

So let’s say that these socks served their purpose and saved my feet from blisters, but do you think they looked good? I would be curious to hear your opinion.

In case you are wondering about the brand, these were by Fiore from a few years back and they are no longer produced.

5 Responses to "Ankle socks – nerdy or trendy?"

  • Michael says:

    I think there is a sassy side to them if worn with the crop pants and a great pair of pumps, not the clunky kind. A sexy elegant pair of heels. The anklet style of hose can be hard to find.

  • marty says:

    I do not really like the look. Reminds me of an elderly woman with lots of cats. Not flattering.

  • Brian says:

    I think they can look great depending on how you style them. If you pair the look with an ugly flesh-colored pair, it’s going to throw off the look. However, if you try something that has a fun and unique pattern, then you have something that is very fashion forward.

  • Stefan says:

    I think they look hot. Kind of sexy on the right lady. Love it when my wife wear them. Look great to a pair of heels.

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