A story of how this TV host busted a pretense healer

November 14, 2016 under Weird, What to Avoid


Someone forwarded me a link to this show about uncovering scams and swindles. On one hand I want to share this just because I think it is important to be aware that such things exist, but on another hand the host there wears such nice burgundy pantyhose. In general, almost in every one of her episodes she has some kind of tights on.

In this case there is a so called alternative healer who charges a lot of money for his sessions and at the same time sexually harasses his younger female visitors while at it. A woman who reported this pervert said that he gave her tea to drink during the visit and it made her almost pass out, so she couldn’t resist or even comprehend what’s going on.

kristina-elena-lebed-2-wearing-burgundy-pantyhoseLet me make it clear, this scam artist shouldn’t even be called a healer, prior to that they send an undercover patient with a real medical problem and the guy only took her money, telling her that she is actually fine.

This TV show host, Elena Kristina Lebed went to investigate it undercover and ended up with her skirt on her head by the end. Before she went in for a visit, she drank a neutralizing suspension that is meant to cancel out of the effects of most substances that she could be drugged with.
kristina-elena-lebed-3-wearing-burgundy-pantyhoseKristina came in saying that she hasn’t been feeling well and the healer right away told her that she has some horrible health issues that need some work. He said that the problem is in her genital chakra and asked how often she engages in sexual intercourse and even in what positions.

He said that there is an energy block and he needs to open the chakra. However, Kristina is too tense and it is hard to break through her aura, so he gave her some tea. Then some more tea again after he touched her knee. Kristina knew what the tea was for, even though the suspension she drank helped her not to get drowsy, but she pretended as if she is passing out on the couch.

kristina-elena-lebed-1-wearing-burgundy-pantyhoseThis scam artist reached for the top of her pantyhose and at that point she screamed out and the film crew broke in, pulling him off her with his pants still down. When questioned about what he is doing like this, he said that this is an alternative form of treatment. Finally, Kristina asked him what it was that he was planning to treat inside of her pantyhose and he got all quiet. One more pervert was out of practice.

Let me know your thoughts. Would you want to hear more stories from this show?

9 Responses to "A story of how this TV host busted a pretense healer"

  • marty says:

    Glad that this behavior gets exposed.. People need to be aware of the possibility of these types of things going on. There are people that will use any scheme to get what they want. This criminal.

  • Domoregon says:

    Yes I would love to hear more stories if this show.

  • Eric VanSickle says:

    Is there a link for this episode?

  • Domoregon says:

    I have watched some of her videos, It seems like she is always in pantyhose or tights. One episode she was wearing shimmery suntan pantyhose with denim shorts, a very cute look.

    • admin says:

      Yes, I know that episode! It actually had a scary story. She applied to a job that requires a personal assistant with a very high salary, but they say that the boss wants the girl to be flirty and submit sexy naked pics. Kristina got another model to pose naked, they merged the face in photoshop, and submitted. Then they asked her to submit a strip tease video and Kristina got a strip tease dancer to dance instead of her.

      Finally, instead of the job, she got a reply to pay money to buy out her videos, otherwise they will be made public. Or, if she doesn’t have money, she has to do more nude videos or adult stuff.

      The film group traced the IP and broke into some woman’s apartment under pretense of being municipal workers who need to check the gas lines. But the woman said she had nothing to do with it and doesn’t have any sons. They checked her computer and realized that it was her neighbors, two guys, hacking into her internet and using her IP.

      Finally when they got those guys, they opened their computer and saw that there were many girls there who they tried to blackmail like this.

      You are right, throughout that episode Kristina wore nude tights and shorts, very cool look!

  • Loretta says:

    I had to see some of those videos at you tube. I didn’t understand anything of what they said. I don’t understand russian language. I believe that she is doing a great job. In my opinion she looks very east european. Both how she is dressed and her make up. What I have seen on the other side of the Baltic sea is that lot of women are dressed like she is in the videos.

  • Matthew Wilson says:

    That is awful! I was a victim of molestation when I was 17 years old and only publicly disclosed this information as of last year. Hearing a story of anyone having to suffer or escaping such horror, triggers very strong negative emotions in me. I will always, at any cost to my own personal safety and within my power, protect anyone against sexual assault. It’s the worst thing you can do to another living being.

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