A glimpse of white sheer pantyhose at Calgary Stampede

white pantyhose at the stampede

Yes, it’s blurry, sorry about that!

Finally, July is here and I got to experience the best thing in Calgary – the Stampede! I finally felt like this city has a spirit when I saw so many people in cowboy hats and cowboy boots. I have a pair of boots like that myself, but I’d never think to wear them in July because of the heat.

No pantyhose there though. None at all. However, I managed to see one beautiful girl at the indoor exhibit dressed in a nice outfit and off white pantyhose. She allowed me to take a photo. Sadly, the photo came out blurry, so that’s why I shrunk it so much.

I had a really good time there. The most exciting part was the agriculture pavilion. I got to see a lot of purebred horses and some different breeds of cattle.

1 thought on “A glimpse of white sheer pantyhose at Calgary Stampede

  1. Welcome to Calgary! I’ve been here for almost two years now and the city has grown on me quiet a bit. If you ever need any recommendations on things to do, etc feel free to contact me!

    Also there is a Wolford store on 8th Ave 🙂

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